Alpha-Ex Testimonials

Trey Carmine

"Enzo Nutrition came out of no where and surprised me big time with Alpha-Ex. They hit all my benchmarks with the open profile, big time focus and energy, and a solid ergogenic support. Alpha-Ex belongs on your list of pre workouts to try out and it won't disappoint."

M. Potter

Amazon Review

"Best Pre-Workout I've ever used... Nothing worked quite as well as this. I take it when I get off work and within 10 minutes I'm ready to lift. It results in a truly insane pump. The pre workout will last your entire workout and will keep you extremely focused throughout... It's an overall great product it's my go-to from now on."

Ryan T.

Amazon Review

"... When I looked at the ingredients, it had everything I had been looking for in a pre-workout, so I decided to buy some and try it out. From the first pump I knew this stuff was great. The focus and energy i receive from this stuff is unreal and unlike any i've used before."

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