Alpha-Ex is superior to C4 Ripped preworkout

Alpha-Ex preworkout beats C4 Ripped in function and value.  We compare Alpha-Ex to C4 across three dimensions to show where you can benefit the most.

Comparison shows that Alpha-Ex:

  • Contains properly dosed ingredients
  • Targets more complete performance support
  • More than twice the value for the cost

Contains Proper Doses 

Manufacturers commonly underdose so they can claim ingredient benefits but reduce their cost.  Alpha-Ex based many of its core ingredient doses on that found in research articles.  While C4 may seem a few dollars cheaper, when you compare the dose for key ingredients like Beta Alanine, ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine), NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) and Caffeine, you see that Alpha-Ex provides nearly twice the amount.  In some cases such as ALCAR and NALT, C4 Ripped hides does behind proprietary blends.  With C4, you have no idea how much of those ingredients you are paying for.

The table below compares ingredients for both formulas: 

Ingredient Alpha-Ex C4 Ripped  
Beta Alanine 3.22 g 1.6 g  
Arginine - 1 g  
L-Citruline DL-Malate 6 g - 1
Acetyl L-Carnitine 1 g < 1 g 2
N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 400 mg < 371 mg 2
Caffeine Anhydrous 250 mg 150 mg  
Creatine HCl 2 g -  
Betaine Anhydrous 1.25 g -  
Taurine 1.5 g -  
DMAE 100 mg -  
Huperzine-A 100 mcg -  
Phenethyamine HCl 500 mg -  
Hordenine HCl 40 mg -  
Vitamin C - 250 mg 3
Niacin (Vitamin B3) - 30 mg 3
Vitamin B6 - 500 mcg 3
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) - 250 mcg 3
Vitamin B12 - 35 mcg 3
Calcium - 22 mg 3

(1) Studies show Citruline more effective at raising blood plasma levels of Arginine than oral Arginine supplementation.

(2) C4 actual amount hidden in proprietary formula

(3) We chose to eliminate vitamins and minerals that should a normal part of a your multivitamin - save room for the good stuff



Complete Performance Support

C4 Ripped leaves out some of the most critical and proven ingredients for physical support including Creatine and Betaine Anhydrous.  These are key components that many athletes have claimed to increase power, endurance and support muscle volumization. 

Alpha-Ex provides a range of ingredients that work together to target physical and mental dimensions.  With Alpha-Ex, you not only have ingredients that are claimed to support physical traits like strength, circulation and power. Alpha-Ex also includes ingredients that support energy, focus, drive and mood.  Several of the Mind focused ingredients are key components in metabolic pathways for neurotransmitter creation and processing.  These ingredients can support the creation of Adrenaline, Dopamine, and Acetyl-Choline to help you drive harder and feel great at it.

The matrix below shows the broad performance goals behind Alpha-Ex:

Alpha-Ex - Mind and Body Matrix

Better Value

Side by side comparison clearly shows that Alpha-Ex is more than twice the value of C4 Ripped.  At a half dose of Alpha-Ex, you still get equivalent dosages of core C4 ingredients plus additional benefits of Creatine, Betaine and the broad mental support.

We recommend that someone getting started with Alpha-Ex begin with a single scoop and work their way up to the full, two scoop dose as needed.  At this amount, you get 40 servings per container or less that $1 per serving.  Compare that to your daily Starbucks or Monster beverage and you will wonder why you didn't switch to Alpha-Ex sooner.