Balloon Arms

Today I have written the ultimate BRO workout but ladies you can do it too. This is the workout every guy should do before he goes out for the night to look like he actually lifts.Get ready for an insame pump and even more insane with our Formula Won Pre.

Exercise Reps Notes
Cable Crossover PushdownsHigh Pulley Cable Curls(superset) 10,10,10 10,10,10 Activation series: Pulley at shoulder height, slight forward lean, shoulder blades down, elbows behind shoulders/ Curl behind head, squeeze pinky
Single Arm Preacher curl 15,15,15 Squeeze inside of hand the entire rep, 3 seconds down
Close Grip Bench Press 6,6,6,6 6 total reps but on these 1.5 will equal 1 rep. So touch your chest, half way back up, back down and up is 1 rep. Elbows stay tucked
Incline DB CurlIncline Skull Crusher(superset) 8,8,8 10,10,10
Overhead Rope Extension 15,15,15 After last rep hold behind head in stretched position for 10 sec
Rope Hammer Cable Curls 15,15,15
Reverse Curls with EZ barTricep DipsDrag Cable Curls(giant set) 12,12,12 10,10,10 12,12,12 Palms facing floor/ plate on lap and do a drop set each time/ Both pulleys set on low, leaning forward and elbows behind shoulders