Biceps & Back

Today we have a workout that is going to focus on the the over all width of your back and the definition of your biceps. Remember to retract your shoulder blades on each back movement in order to get a good contraction.

Exercise Reps Notes
Deadlift 6,6,6,6 75% (1 rep max)
Dumbbell row 10,10,10,10 parallel to the floor
Seated row 8,8,8 8 reps leaning then 8 reps normal
Wide neutral grip pull-ups 8,8,8,8 each set ending with 8 partials, assisted pull-up if needed
Spider curls 12,12,12,12 chest supported on incline bench
Standing cable curls 15,15,15 elbows pinned in rib cage
Seated preacher curl 12,10,8,6