Chest & Back

Today will be a push and pull workout. For every press we do there will be a pull to counter act it. These types of workouts are great for a quality pump. On all chest presses keep your shoulder blades down and back and imagine driving your elbow pits together. On all back exercises retract your shoulder blad before you row the weight.

Exercise Reps Notes
Incline Barbell Press 5,5,5,5 75% of 1 rep max
Chin-ups 10,10,10 Assisted or banded if needed
Floor press with DB 10,10,10,10 Lying on floor chest press
T-Bar Row 8,8,8
Close Grip Pulldown 10,10,10 2 second hold at bottom each rep (strict)
Low to High Cable FlySeated cable row(superset) 15,15,15 8,8,8
Intention PushupsInverted row(superset) 12,12,12 10,10,10 When lowering imagine trying to touch your hands together without moving them (squeeze chest)