Chest and Triceps

This workout will target each part of the chest as well as each head of the tricep.

It is important that you know how to pick exercises that will take your muscles through each position. 

What do I mean by this? To give an example take dumbbell flat bench for instance. At the bottom of the rep your chest is in a lengthened position and as your press up it goes from lengthened to in a mid range until the top where you finish and your chest is fully shortened. Muscles are always weakest in there shortened state.

Why is important to know this? Knowing this will help you dictate your exercise selection for that given day and will also enable you to optimally train your muscles and force them to grow.

The workout is designed to do just that.


Exercise Reps Notes
Cable Chest fly (activation)


(5 second hold at top)

Activation series:Cable pulley at shoulder height, shoulders internally rotated, shoulder blades down and back, driving your elbow pits together, (5 sec hold in shortened position
Incline DB bench


(3 count hold at bottom)

Shoulder blades depressed and retracted (down and back), drive biceps into chest at top, 3 second hold In lengthened position at bottom of rep
Smith machine floor press alternate with foam roll / no foam roll 8,8,8, failure Lying on the foam roller do 8 reps then slide it out from under you and go to failure
Incline cable fly 15,15,15 Lying on an incline bench, cables should line up with your clavicle
Single arm tricep press down 8,8,8 Keep shoulders locked down, and elbow behind shoulder and extend and contract tricep in its shortened range.
DB flat bench skullcrusher 8,8,8 Arms perpendicular to the floor, elbows stabalize, extend with out elbows moving, go heavy (mid range), finish each set with partials to failure
Over head incline rope tricep extension 15,15,15 Set up incline facing away from rope, cable should be set up higher than your head, stabilize elbows and shoulder blades, push back as hard as possible into bench, and finish whatever you have left in those triceps. (lengthened)