Legs - Hamstring and Quads

 Today we have a leg day with a hamstring and quad focus. We will get started with an activation series to get the muscles firing and ready for the workout. During the activation series use lighter weight and focus on squeezing the muscle and thinking about the contraction. Then you will be ready to go to work. 

Exercise Reps Notes
Leg Extension (superset)
Leg Curl
Front Squat (superset)
Hack Squat
Standing Leg Curl 10,10,10
Quad Dominant Leg Press 15,15,15,15 Last set drop weight twice and do 15 more reps
Cable Romanian Dead Lift 15,15,15,15
Glute Ham Fallout 5,5,5,5 Partner holding your feet
Hip Adduction machine 15/15/15 Each set two drops in weight w/ 15 more reps