Shoulders & Traps

This workout will leave you unable to raise your arms above your head. We will be focusing on engaging each head of the shoulder and then finishing with some trap work.

Remember that these shoulder muscles are small and harder to engage so go slow and focus on contracting muscles. Even though this will have trap work at the end, our shoulder portion should keep the upper traps out of them.

Strengthening your lower traps will help tremendously with deltoid development and engagement.  Our alpha-ex and formula won pre workout are designed with ingredients to help get the mind muscle connection firing.

Exercise Reps Notes

Lying Cable Lateral Raises

Seated Db Lateral Raise



Activation series:Focusing on lateral head. Lying on a double pulley seated row machine or on the ground each rep should be held at the top for 5 seconds. Close your eyes if you need and tap into the muscle. / Light Weight, Internal rotation at the shoulder joint, palms should look like your pouring a drink, initiate with elbow out not up

Single Arm Db Press

Band Pullaparts 



Hold onto something for stabalization. Core engaged, rib cage down.

Double up band and hold out in front. Drive arms straight out to the side (Rear Delt)

Chest Supported Incline Rear Delt Fly 12,12,12 Do 12 reps drop weight do 12 more each set. Push chest into bench as hard as possible.  Arms should be just shy of locked out.  Protract shoulder blade and drive elbows straight to side.
TRX Y's 10,10,10 Body weight exercise. Start at a 45 degree lean and pull yourself up with arms straight making a y. Use band if TRX not available

Cable Upright Rows

Cable Crossover Lateral Raise



Bottom pulley, shoulder width grip. Initiate with elbows straight up.

Crossover cables, bent arm drive elbows out, rib cage down and shoulder blades down

Barbell Shrugs 15,15,15
Horizontal Shrugs on T-bar Row 15,15,15 On T-bar set up do a shrug horizontally, retract shoulder blade