Skinny Fat: The Dangerous Trend of Settling

Don’t Settle for Skinny Fat 

Being “skinny fat” is a growing fad today, no pun intended. Most people are aware of it, a good portion of us are skinny fat. We at Enzo have a vested interest in the overall health and wellbeing of our customers; frankly, we care about anybody who is trying to better themselves. So if you’ve ever wondered if you are skinny fat, or care about somebody who might be, read on. We are going to explain exactly what being “skinny fat” means and how to effectively overcome it.

What is Being Skinny Fat?

            When someone is skinny fat they are not overweight. Actually, the majority of people who fall into the skinny fat category are often at a healthy weight for their size. While their weight might be “good”, their body composition is lacking, and they have a high body fat percentage. This means love handles, lower belly fat, little to no muscle definition. A skinny fat person might even be active, however that last bit of stubborn fat is sticking around, and will likely get worse. Being skinny fat is just as common in females as it is males.

A healthy person becomes skinny fat when more responsibilities enter their life. These responsibilities force a more sedentary lifestyle. Rare free time goes to watching Netflix, as opposed to going to the gym. With a sedentary lifestyle, a healthy person diet will not change, along with a lack of physical activity, muscles will atrophy and increase in body fat percentage. This will make going to the beach without a shirt or in a bikini kind of scary. Everybody wants the confidence to do that.

Man sitting and getting skinny fat.

How to beat being “Skinny Fat”

            First off, it is relatively easy to go from skinny fat to fit, and looking great. It does require patience and hard work thou. I will start off by telling you what is not going to work. Doing a ton of steady state cardio (treadmill) is not going to work. Even reducing your caloric intake and doing steady state cardio won’t work. Going to the gym and utilizing the low weight, high rep approach will also not work. What you are doing is losing water weight, a small amount of fat, along with lean mass all at the same time.

            The only way to go from skinny fat to looking great is a combination of progressive overload focused resistance training and a clean diet. Progressive overload means when you get to the gym, you have to be focused and goal oriented. Because every time you are at the gym you will need to push yourself to lift heavier weights than the last time. A pre-workout is very helpful for a program like this. Stick with the same upper-body and lower-body routines for 4 weeks. Again, increase weight every session, even if it is just 2 pounds more. This will put your muscles through hypertrophy and boost your metabolism. Progressively overloading your muscular system can increase muscle size and definition and reduce body fat percentage noticeably, in as little as three weeks.

Focus on compound movements in the gym: squat, bench press, deadlift, pull ups. High-Intensity Interval Training should be utilized within a progressive overload program for when certain muscles groups need more time to heal. Listen to your body.

Female fighting getting skinny fat.

If you are jumping back into the gym after a long break or are new to working out, take it slow and light. Focus on proper form and ignore everyone else at the gym.

            As far as diet goes, one should maintain their healthy daily caloric intake. Completely cut out all carbs. However, complex carbohydrates (chickpeas, sweet potatoes, black beans, quinoa) are needed to provide fuel for workouts. Adequate protein intake is crucial if you are hitting the gym and trying to break free of being skinny fat, you need to be getting 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh. So you weight 150lbs, you need 150 grams of protein a day. No questions.

            Recap: You no longer want to be skinny fat, get in the gym and crush it every time, with heavier weight, don’t overeat, no carbs, plenty of protein and enjoy results.