What is Pre Workout?

Pre-Workout is a common fitness and nutritional supplement taken by many people looking to both stay fit and get into shape. Despite how common taking pre workout has become there are a number of misconceptions, myths, and genuine falsehoods that swirl around it. So we at Enzo want to take some time to both explain a bit about our pre workout and try to get rid of some of the plain incorrect “broscience” that many people hear about.

A Brief History of Pre Workout

Pre workouts origins are something that most people can relate to, a simple cup of coffee to jump start the body. Yes, the complex and carefully crafted supplement that many know and love started out as just a cup of joe that bodybuilders would drink before a workout to make sure they were sufficiently pumped.

It wasn’t until the early 80’s, 1982 to be exact, that the first modern pre workout was created. In little old Venice, California a man named Dan Duchaine developed what he called Ultimate Orange the predecessor to all modern pre workouts. Unfortunately, Ultimate Orange was quickly swarmed by both critics and lawsuits claiming it was the cause of heart attacks and other medical issues. This is commonly accepted to be because of Ultimate Orange’s active ingredient, ephedra, an ingredient now banned by the FDA.

Ultimate Orange pre workout

Ultimate Orange disappeared off the market, but it broke ground and opened up a huge new demand for pre workout across the world. The next large pre workout was Jack3d. Jack3d was the first to add a new ingredient called dimethylamylamine, an ingredient with a troubled past with American regulators. Despite this, it was widely regarded as a premium ingredient because of it’s ability to improve focus, alertness, energy, and athletic performance. Though there has not been substantive scientific research there has been widespread anecdotal health risks. This led to the FDA banning the use of the ingredient and thus the production of the original Jack3d formula.

So What is Pre Workout?

Perhaps the most important question, but one that can be answered simply. Pre workout is anything you consume before a workout to give yourself that little bit of a boost before you hit the gym. Whether that’s a cup of coffee or two scoops of Alpha-Ex. While the primary ingredient of most pre workouts is the same, caffeine, each company uses a unique blend of ancillary supplements to provide that special something to make each pre workout different.

What is in Enzo Pre Workout?

Enzo Alpha-Ex Pre Workout

At Enzonutrition we believe that this is not the question you should be having to ask. That’s why we believe in using only the best ergogenic and nootropic ingredients that make your body work harder and more efficiently, not dangerously. Our ingredients are clearly labeled, FDA tested, and scientifically backed to ensure that we provide the best workout you can muster. For a complete list of ingredients and why they were specially chosen to boost your body's performance check out this awesome chart and for a more in-depth explanation as to what each ingredient does you can check it out on the Alpha-Ex page.