Women's Pre Workout: Is It Any Different?

The Best Women Pre-Workout Supplements

As a man, I have always believed that women are smarter and more capable than men. Not just in activities or occupations that society deems to be more feminine, but in all aspects of their being. For example, my girlfriend is better than me at most things. She is a better person overall.

She stays very busy, with work and her multiple projects. It is all very impressive. She maintains her energy with a “healthy” habit of caffeine. I am convinced that she needs her cold brew every day.

However; is there a supplement that she could be utilizing that would provide her with better results than cold brew? Could she benefit from pre-workout supplements? This article will take a closer look at women pre-workout supplements, reasons why women should try them, a few misconceptions surrounding pre-workout supplements, and what to look for in a pre-workout supplement.


Women Pre-workout

If you are a female who has started going to the gym and eating a healthy balanced diet, to lose some weight or just to be healthier, you might have considered trying some pre-workout supplements. Free time is difficult to come by so this is a great option. That free time has to be capitalized, but who has the energy to go throw weights around after a long day. This is where pre-workout supplements come into play. Those days you know you’ve got time to make it to the gym, but not the energy.

When one is trying to change the physical makeup of their body, it takes tremendous effort and patience. Drinking a mix of energy, performance, and focus boosting supplements will provide a huge edge in accomplishing your goals. That being said, simply taking a bunch of stimulants and sitting around will not produce results. If you are regularly getting to the gym and eating well, it will take 12 weeks before you notice any change, and at least a year before you feel a change.

Misconceptions Around Women Pre-Workout

Before going any further, I just want to say that when I say pre-workout supplement, I do not mean a can of energy drink from a gas station.

When you first buy a pre-workout supplement, start slow. Do not take the recommended dose on that first workout. Start off with half the recommended dose. You want to utilize the pre-workout supplement on a semi-regular basis. That means one should not be gulping down some pre-workout supplement before every workout.

One should take a pre-workout supplement about 30-40 minutes before working out. This is the needed amount of time that your body needs to feel the effects of the supplements. Be advised that if you take a pre-workout supplement at night, go work out,  then head to bed, you will likely find it difficult to fall asleep.  Be mindful of how your body handles it.

There are people who are stimulant-sensitive and others who are stimulant-resistant. If you are someone who is sensitive to stimulants, you will experience a strong reaction to pre-workout stimulants. And vice versa, if you are a coffee junkie, you might not experience the boost you would be expecting. If that is the case, slow down on the morning and mid-day coffee, and allow your receptors to re-acclimate themselves to your body’s natural energy-producing chemicals.

Pre-workout supplements are not strictly designed for men, and they are perfectly safe for women. However, there are some formulas out there that contain testosterone production increasing ingredients. I would advise all women to be on the lookout for pre-workout formulas that contain D-aspartic acid, or Tibullus. These are ingredients that boost testosterone. Enzo Nutrition does not use any testosterone boosting ingredients.

Pre-workout supplements are not going to make you “too” big. Now, steroids will make you “too” big. However, pre-workout supplements are only stimulants to help you get more out of your workouts, not a growth hormone that works all by itself. Therefore, if you are a busy woman who is looking to tone up and maintain your body, pre-workout supplements are a great tool to utilize.  That being said, there are pre-workout supplements that contain Creatine, a compound found in the human body that aids in building muscle mass. Women should avoid these.

What to Look for in a Woman's Pre-Workout

Women's pre workout

For a positive experience when choosing a women pre-workout supplement, it’s all about finding a healthy balance. Look for a formula with 200-250 mg of caffeine. Also, look for Citrulline and Beta-Alanine, they will increase your focus and performance in the gym. Select a formula with a small amount of Hordenine hydrochloride, bitter orange extract, this is a natural stimulant that increases focus and aids the brains memory functions.

Knowing all of this, any woman should feel comfortable buying and trying a women pre-workout supplement and reaping from the benefits.