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Alpha-Ex Nootropic Pre Workout

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Alpha-Ex pre-workout contains carefully selected ingredients to provide performance-enhancing benefits that make the most of your workout. 

Alpha-Ex targets physical capabilities to improve strength, endurance, and growth to get more out of your efforts.  It also targets mental capabilities to get your mind 'in the zone' with enhanced energy, focus, drive, and reward.  Overall, you'll be driven to workout harder and longer and your body will have the support it needs. 

Alpha-Ex contains a combination of ingredients that are dosed to achieve results seen from scientific studies. 

Each ingredient was carefully selected based on scientific research and user feedback. Special attention was made to provide adequate amounts of each ingredient to achieve the results indicated through studies.

Alpha-Ex contains more than twice the Beta-Alanine (3.2g), Creatine HCl (2g) and Caffeine (250mg) per serving than the leading brand. 

Beginners or those of smaller body weight can use 1/2 the dose (1 Scoop), to double the number of servings and still have a superior experience.

The table below demonstrates the broad coverage of our formula. 

Alpha-Ex Formula Targets

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