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Formula Won - Go Packs - Single Serving

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Great for those on the go!  These portable packets make it easy to bring along wherever your busy schedule takes you.  Each packet contains a full serving (2 scoops) of our Formula Won Pre Workout.

Formula Won is an elite pre-workout that focuses on mental and physical aspects of training. Ingredients were carefully selected to provide optimal results based on scientific studies, research and development, and field trials.

A large 6g dose of Citrulline Malate, along with Norvaline, provides skin tearing pumps and a boost in arginine nitric oxide pathways that supersedes any ability of arginine on its own.

A full 3.2g dose of Beta Alanine delivers endurance with delayed muscle fatigue, increased power output, and faster recovery from long workouts. 

Lastly, the stimulant blend, one of the focal points of Formula Won, ensures that every drop of productivity is gained during the most grueling workouts.

Many pre-workouts over stimulate and result ‘the shakes’ and an unproductive workout. Other times, they fall short of the results promised. This is where, Enzo Nutrition, changes the game of training. No jittery ‘cracked-out’ feeling and no let down anticipation.

Formula Won brings you a gradual but pronounced mental clarity that effortlessly brushes away the cobwebs from an early morning or long day and leaves you intently focused on the one task at hand – training. With improved mind-muscle connection, you can pound away more effectively with every rep and every set. Specially designed, this formula will ease you back down to reality with no crash and only the satisfaction of success.

"Whether you are breaking a one rep max, training for endurance, or studying for your next exam - experience razor sharp mental clarity, endless stamina, and iron bending performance and output."

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